An injured car wreck victim recently called me to complain that the AT FAULT DRIVER’s insurance company would not pay for his medical care related to the incident. In fact they told him to pay for this care up front and he would be reimbursed later. He did not think this was fair. But the reality is, the AT FAULT DRIVER’S insurance company does not pay for your medical care during your treatment period. You are compensated for the out of pocket expenses at the time of settlement, which is usually at the end of your treatment period. That is why it is a good idea to have a Personal Injury Protection Policy as part of your automobile insurance coverage. Normally the minimum Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) coverage is $5,000.00. However, if the injuries are significant this minimum amount is used up quickly and usually once your health care insurance finds out that these injuries were due to a car wreck, they frequently will not pay for that care. Therefore, it is a good idea to purchase as much Personal Injury Protection coverage as you can afford, because you can’t afford to be without it.