Blind Zones Result in Injuries

The Department of Transportation recommended new guidelines that will assist in eliminating vehicle blind zones that can obscure the existence of pedestrians, particularly children. These proposed guidelines would affect vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or less.
On average there are an estimated 292 deaths annually and 18,000 injuries every year due to backing vehicles. The new requirements for light vehicles, could save 292 lives per year.

A rear blind zone is defined as the area immediately behind your back bumper. This is the area that you are unable to see what is there. This becomes hazardous when you back into unseen pedestrians or elderly. As a result, NHTSA is creating regulations that mandate better rear field-of-view for new vehicles.

NHTSA foresees that the vast majority of car companies will comply with the new standards by placing rear-view cameras in each light weight vehicle. Cameras expose anything that is immediately behind a reversing vehicle.