Injured: Unsolicited Contact

AN INJURED CAR ACCIDENT VICTIM CALLED ME LAST WEEK WITH THE FOLLOWING SCENARIO: “I was rear ended and it was not my fault.”. . “A Company with “INURY” as part of their business title called me and told me that I did not need an attorney for my car wreck case. They said involving an attorney would only cost me part of my settlement. Instead they were kind enough to refer me to a specific business where I could receive therapy for my back and neck.”

They were so nice to have called her and given her a referral to a specific place of treatment.. . . NOT! Upon arrival and subsequent multiple visits to this specific provider, my client noticed that other car wreck victims were being brought in, physically accompanied by the “employees” of the business with “INJURY” in their business title.

Morale of the story: If you have been injured through the negligence of someone else and someone, whom you do not know, calls you or turns up at your door step and tells you to use a specific health care provider or even an attorney for that matter, you should know YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE. We as attorneys are prohibited from making these types of solicitations.

My client asked if this business with “INJURY” in their business title, worked for the insurance company or the health care provider that they were referred to?

I think the more important lesson to be learned here is; if you have been injured and are receiving unsolicited phone calls or unsolicited in person visits from anyone regarding your car wreck, you should be suspicious of their motives for having made the unsolicited contact with you in the first place.


Now I am trying to salvage my client’s case.

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